5 Skills You Can Learn in 6 months to become a Freelancer

Top 5 Skills You Can Learn in 6 Months to Earn Money Online

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Yes, you read the title perfectly. There are some skills out there you can gain within six months. They can encourage you to make a living while relaxing at your home, and the finest part is that you can gain them all from the convenience of your home. There are some skills by which you can earn money from home i.e earn money online. This means you can kick open your career as a freelancer in lesser than a year.

If you are not a beginner, this article will still be useful since a learned skill can take your freelancing career to a phenomenal height. Let’s look at the best freelance skills you will be a master of after six months:

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Graphic Designing:

If you love creativity and art, this is a perfect skill for you to learn and earn since “Lucky are those whose passion turns out to be their profession.”

You must have heard a picture speaks a thousand words. That is why most gigantic businesses prefer graphics to promote their business. so, it is unambiguous that this skill is an outrageous demand and a good-paying one.

As a graphic designer, you will create visuals that can attract people. This includes drawing pictures, adjusting colors, and so on.

The splendid news is you can learn this skill within six months. You can enroll in any online course offered at different platforms. All you need to do is to type “Courses for Graphic Designing” in Google and you can find loads of online platforms offering the course for free.

The websites have designed the courses in such a way that they will teach you every minor to major detail, including how to handle the software used for this skill. That is why, even if you are a beginner, you will still be able to learn it.


Content Writing:

It involves capturing your audience through the accurate and timely usage of your words. It represents the power of your written communication. Over the years, this skill has evolved a lot and now has many sub-categories, which we will discuss.

This skill does not require a lot of time. If paid expert attention, you can learn it within two months. All you need for this skill is the basic knowledge of the English language and a crazy passion for writing.

You also need a good grip on grammar, vocabulary, referencing, SEO and many minor details, which you will learn in any course you will enroll in.



Blogging is having a website which provides information on a particular topic, but with a lesser targeted audience and is more informal than that of a website. In particular definition, it refers to an “online journal”.

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing skill-set and has earned quite a good hype in Pakistan.

Creating a blog requires you to know about web designing, content writing, ads, etc. All the courses available on YouTube and Google will teach you it from scratch. So give it a go, if you have a love for an informal style of writing and creating content.


Video Editing:

Do you have a passion for photography? People tell you it is worthless? Do not worry, for here is your ideal solution in the form of one of the fastest-growing skill which is video editing.

In this skill, you will learn different ways and techniques to make your moving pictures more creative and appealing. You can easily learn this skill on YouTube. All it requires from you is a good amount of dedication and passion.

The best part is that you can find a huge number of clients who want you to do this work for them. From a random person who wants you to edit his birthday video to large multi-national companies that want to earn an audience for their business contact videographers for this purpose.


Digital Marketing

We can break this word down into two words; Digital and Marketing. It is the use of digital platforms such as social media, search engines and websites to promote or “market” a business.

Every business these days, require good promotion to reach a huge consumer market. For this purpose, entrepreneurs are in constant search of the right fit, a person who can do digital marketing for them.

We can break this skill down into many sub-categories which include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Affiliate Marketing.

Native Advertising

Marketing Automation.

Email Marketing.

Online PR.

Inbound Marketing.

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Many online websites are allowing their audience to learn this skill. To get a hold on this expertise, it is imperative that you have a basic laptop and a good internet connection. Any course you enroll in will teach you it is the best way and will help you eventually to make a living out of it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, we know that we promised five skills, but here is a bonus one for you.

SEO is a subset of digital marketing and you can learn it in a short span of six months. It refers to ways that can assist you in reaching an unpaid audience. This skill demands proper use of keywords and Search Engine requirements.


With this skill, you can help many small and large-scale businesses by connecting them to a large audience. Since you are helping them earn money, they will pay you generously too for this.

Learning this skill is tricky, but by putting in your complete efforts, you can easily get a grip on it. Courses for this skill are available on Google and YouTube. We suggest you to give this one a go if you are still unsure of which one to choose and began from.


We understand that all of us try to begin anything as soon as we can and so in this article; we encompassed all the skills that can boost your morale for the freelance field since they will take as low as six months to get completed. You can learn all of them or one of them, but whatever you do, put in your maximum efforts and do not leave it in between.

However, we all know that there is always room for improvement, so we suggest you to keep on learning and improving, even if you become a master of a skill. In the meantime, we will help you connect to some websites that offer courses for the above skills.

Happy Learning and growing!


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