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Ultimate Way to Choose New Skill for Freelancing – Earn Money Online

Earning money online from home is becoming popular these days. People are planning this as their prospects. This has led to a massive increase in people who are moving to freelance since it is a more viable option to earn money from home. While doing so, many of them stumble upon the most important question “How to choose a skill for it?”

It is important to choose a skill that fits certain criteria along with providing enough money to carry out a living. Via this article, we will navigate you through some important key points which will help you choose the best skill for you.

To take the maximum advantage of it, keep a piece of paper and pen with you and walk along with us we take you through the whole process.

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1. Preparing the list:

Even before jumping into choosing, it is important that you know what skills are available for freelancing. Here we present you with some of them which will give you an idea to search more.


Writing & Editing.

Graphic designing.

web designing.

web development.

Content creation.

Online Coaching.

Video Editing.

Digital Marketing

There are many more, however, we present to you the ones that can you earn money online from home.

2. Do Your Research:

To funnel down to a single skill, you first need to be aware of the work that you have to do in each of the skills mentioned above.

Use Google and YouTube to learn about it. If you are a beginner, we recommend doing good and thorough research for every skill, so you can follow the next steps in this article easily.

3. Passion:

Ask yourself:

-Which one skill makes more sense to me?

-Which one ignites a sudden spark in me?

-Which one do I will enjoy the most?

-Which of them can I can adopt as a future earning source?

-Will I be able to do this without getting tired?

Take your time and answer them in yes or no.

On a piece of paper, list down 6-7 skills based on your answers. The topmost should be the one that got more “yes” and the last should be the one with least “yes”.

4. Value:

Since by now, You would have done the research work for every skill, so it will not be an issue for you to figure out which one of them is trending, is more valuable and is high in-demand.

Choosing a skill which holds more value is important, for, at one time in life, you cannot continue your freelance journey, if your skill is not paying you back despite your complete efforts.

Based on the value, you will shortlist more skills. Note them down on a paper. Even if they do not match the skills in the previous list, it is fine.

5. Calculate your time:

Check whether you can learn the skill while you are at home and the number of days/weeks/years worth of effort you have to put in for learning it.

This step is crucial because if a skill takes too long for learning and application, you will lose your motivation in between and it will be hard for you to continue it.

Based on this point, you will select some skills out of all the options.

6. Extra-curricular activities:

Our side hobbies, passions and extra-curricular activities speak a lot about us. They define us as in the truest sense.

Everything you do in your free time comes under this heading. Analyze and reflect on which particular activities do you enjoy in your leisure time. This will help you in knowing yourself better, a step that will help in choosing a better skill.

Do you love doing art or creating visuals? Graphic design can be a good option for you.

Do you enjoy taking and editing photographs? Photo editing can be your skill then and so on.

7. Existing Educational background:

If you are here on the blog, chances are you know basic English, which means you have been to a primary school at least. So, you can figure out your skill based on your educational background.

Recall what specific subjects or educational activities did you enjoy back in school. Was it English? Was it debating? Recalling them will help you realize the skills that are your true fit.

8. Plans:

On a different paper, list down your plans. They can be anything you enjoy, like traveling, joining a specific educational institute, or settling abroad.

Now, after doing the research, figure out the skills which fit and align with your future goals. You need to carry them both side-by-side, so it is important that both you can adopt together and thus can apply together too.

9. Long-term opportunities:

It is never a bad idea to look for better opportunities, plan and to sacrifice short-term success for a bigger long-term benefit.

Do extensive research to find out the skills that may not seem to trend but have a bright future ahead. Those skills can provide you a good profit in the long run, so do not ignore them. They can be your future earning source.

10. Be flexible:

It is fine if you cannot funnel down to 2-3 skills by now. So now, instead of doing researches only, take a step ahead and start learning some of them online, one at a time.

Just search one of them at YouTube, or Google and start learning. If it cannot ignite you, it is okay to be flexible and move to any other skill.

This way will help you eventually reach your final destination.


Final Words:

If you follow the above steps, you will reach a final decision which may comprise 2-4 skills.

We now suggest you start the first one on the list and try learning it to your maximum in 4-6 months. Start applying and working on it. Then learn the second skill in your list, and then the third one.

Work and improve all three of them for a year, and at the end of the year, you will figure out the one that fits and align with you the best. The one you feel is the best, and you can continue it throughout your life. Continue that one only and focus completely to take that one to the next level.

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