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I am Bilal Afridi, a distinguished freelance web designer, and developer based in Peshawar, Pakistan. With a proven track record, I have garnered recognition as a top-rated seller on Upwork, achieving revenue exceeding $10,000 within my initial six months. Over the course of my career, I have engaged with more than 100 businesses, spanning both small enterprises and larger corporations, to elevate their online presence and leverage digital avenues for growth.
I am dedicated to empowering aspiring freelancers to attain higher success in their careers. I firmly believe that the measure of success in freelancing extends beyond just hourly rates; it hinges on strategic skill enhancement and expertise refinement. Through this platform, I seek to offer invaluable insights, tips, and mentorship to enable new freelancers to realize their desired level of accomplishment. Join me in my commitment to revolutionize the freelancer landscape and elevate the industry collectively.

I possess a documented history of adeptly partnering with more than 100 businesses and organizations to guide them towards accomplishing their digital objectives. Whether the focus is on augmenting website traffic, bolstering sales figures, or efficiently overseeing their current user base, my proficiency lies in forging a substantial online footprint across diverse industries. Rooted in a profound comprehension of the digital realm, my commitment is directed towards assisting clients in optimizing their potential and attaining their intended results.

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Bilal Afridi

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