Top 5 growing skills in freelancing

Five Top-Selling Skills That Can Earn You Money From Home

The relentless exploitation of laborers in nearly every profession has caused a massive shift of people’s interest in the platform of freelancing that is working by yourself and getting paid adequately for it. 

Pakistan is no more behind in this regard and has escalated up to 4th position in the freelance market according to Online Labor Index published in 2017 by Oxford Internet
Institute (OII). The report predicts that freelancers will have a bright future in the country since Pakistan is continually developing in IT and communications.

This report may fuel you up to take your career to the next level by joining this field too.
But as a beginner, you may have confusion in picking a skill that can help you not only
discover your passion but make you some money to keep you going.
Do not worry, for here we are with five (5) top-selling skills which you can acquire from
anywhere. Practicing them will not require you to have a degree and is sure, going to help you discover yourself.

Let’s begin:

1. Website Development:

According to CNBC and Upwork, this skill can help you in turning into a billionaire, sounds exciting?

Top 5 growing skills Web development

This one is not a piece of cake. You need to put in the effort. Out of all the five skills described in this article, this is the most intricate yet the most worthy. Website development requires you to have a good command over coding and software. 

A degree in software engineering or Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences may assist you in this skill, however, even if you do not have one, a keen interest to learn and consistently improving will work fine too. All you need to have is a passion for computers and software.

2. Web and Mobile design:

This skill can help you in making the same amount of money as web development, however, it requires you to be creative and crafty with your choices. Even if you are not, giving this skill a go can help you in developing your opportunities and creativity.

Earn money from home with web design and mobile design

Overall if you are a person who loves art and creating innovative ideas, this one is a definite try-to-be. 

Please note that web development and web designing are entirely different skills, which we will cover and explain to you in later articles. 

3. Products Description:

This skill is a subset of content writing. Even though every freelance writing will pay you a good amount, we specifically chose this one to make it easier for you to figure out if you want to make money out of writing as it pays the most out of all.

Content writing in list of growing freelance skills

Product description, in the purest definition, is the explanation of a marketed product, which intends to let buyers know what is the pros and cons of getting that product. 

For a better understanding, you can view Amazon and other e-commerce websites where trillions of products are present with the descriptions. 

This skill pays the most out of all content work because a product description is an exact point where you can convince a buyer to buy that product. This skill requires you to learn the art of convincing via written communication. 

4. Search Engine Optimization:

This skill is commonly known as SEO. We define it as rephrasing, reshaping and reorganizing your blog or website, in such a way that it receives organic or unpaid traffic. In simple words, it is the “optimization” you do to make your website appear easily and at the top on the search engines like Google.

SEO Ranking in list of growing freelance skills

According to Upwork, you can earn a sufficient amount from this skill. The good news is that this skill despite how complicated it sounds is easy to learn. All you need to do is to give Google and YouTube a handsome visit to learn more. 

This skill is also helpful to those who are planning to set up a career in writing, as this one will help them reach more audiences.

5. Video Post Editing:

If you are someone who loves visuals and animations, who love to assemble life moments in the form of videos, you can land into this freelance skill since this one was able to make a place in Upwork Top 100 skills for 2020, beating a gazillion skills in competition.

Video Editing in list of growing freelance skills

If you are a new person who does not know about this skill, worry not, we will help you figure out. 

You must have seen many videos on YouTube and Facebook, and if you have ever reflected over them, you must have realized that some of them keep you hooked till the end, while some, despite good content does not seem to be winning. 

That difference, along with the content, is based on the quality and over-all arrangement of the video. This is where this skill plays a role. It is defined as rearranging, clipping, editing, color correcting, and sound-enhancing of a naïve video to make it more presentable. 

If you learn this skill (which is not as tough as it seems), you will get a good amount of work inflow from business owners who direly need their business promotion and hence find ways for that, videos being one of them.


We believe that all skills pay a good amount of money if you will put in the effort, but as a beginner, it gets difficult to choose a skill, so this article may help you and motivate you to determine a direction. 

The plus point of these freelance jobs is that you can earn online from home. What can be a better and doable option than this?

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